About Ram-Z Fab

green laser

The founders at Ram-Z Fagot their careers started in the late 1980’s, just as the robotics and automation systems industries were kicking into high gear. Parallel paths in the machining, production, engineering, and project management fields converged in 2004 with the creation of Ram-Z Fab. It was at that point we realized that by pooling our knowledge and resources, we could provide a one-stop-shop for our customers' needs.

One area in which we first applied their skills was the laser industry. We provided engineering, project management and prototype CNC machining necessary to help develop one company’s diode-pumped, quasi-cw, high-power fiber laser. Very challenging hermetically-sealed crystal housings, complex fiber management plates and precision lens holders are just a few of the assemblies we made for this laser company.  From there, we have branched out into several industries: wave power generation, automation, photonics, biomedical, robotics, timber products, aftermarket automotive, university research and sporting goods to name a few.

Simple or complex, one-off prototype or high-volume production runs, Ram-Z Fab has the experience and knowledge base necessary to make you and your project successful.